The Last Ship Season 3 – Off To A Running Start



The Last Ship Season 3 – Off To A Running Start


Season 3 of “The Last Ship” will be aired on TNT, starting June 12, 2016. However, there was a “First Look” episode screen on Memorial Day. If you never watched it because you decided you rather want to wait for Episode 1, then you should stop reading right now.

By all accounts, it looks like season 3 is going to be another explosive season. It all kicks off in St. Louise with Tom Chandler, Chief of Naval Operations, dressed immaculately in his white uniform. In this season, he looks notably gaunter and far more serious than usual.

They Went There 🙁

It quickly becomes clear that his serious demeanor is actually sadness that has resulted from the loss of Dr. Scott. We can only assume that the gunshot wound which Rachel sustained in season 2 proved to be fatal at the end of season 2.

Tom Chandler suggested having a picture of her face on federal ration as a tribute, and his suggestion was approved. Kara Green, who used to be Kara Foster prior to marrying Danny Green, agree with the move and believes the tribute is not really enough considering that the tribute is to a woman who created the only cure for one of the deadliest viruses ever to be discovered.

Both Kara and Chandler are based in St. Louis, but Danny, Kara’s husband, is still on board the USS Nathan James, involved in active duty. Danny, along with Mike Slattery who is now commander of the ship, located off the coast in Southeast Asia, ready to attend a special function. Danny still has some of our old favorites with him on the vessel, including the likes of Burk, Jeter, Alisha and etc. These are of course some of the soldiers who were credited with saving the world’s population.

Peng: Friend or Foe?

China’s head of state is believed to be hoarding huge amount of the cure for the virus, and POTUS asks Chandler to go to China to negotiate. As you probably already know, the virus cure must be constantly distributed to new people in order for it to remain effective and perpetuate itself. Things aren’t made any easier when rumors start surfacing about China manipulating news about a virus mutation.

We also quickly discover that Valkyrie, the hacker with red hair extensions is working for Chandler, and when Chandler arrives in Hong Kong he is met by her romance buddy, Wolf Taylor, better known as The Wolf.

Another Woman for Captain Chandler?

It seems like there is also someone else who is likely to be an important figure in the new season. This is the woman who was in Chandler’s life prior to him getting married. During the full state dinner being held in his honor in Hong Kong, she acts as Chandler’s chief translator and offers her condolences on the passing of his wife.

All of the senior Nathan James crew leave the ship to attend a large on-shore party in Vietnam, and only a skeleton crew remains on board the vessel. While at the party, they are suddenly attacked by unidentified soldiers carrying fully automatic weapons. Many revelers are mowed down, and Slattery is taken hostage.

Chandler quickly hears about this latest development, and POTUS want him back in St. Louis immediately. Meanwhile, the Nathan James receives orders to abandon its post and head 25 miles off the coast to await further instructions. Chandler realizes that the president obviously has not been told that some of the Nathan James crew members have been killed, so he makes the decision to travel to Vietnam to go and look for his men.

He tells Valkyrie to stay on the plane and inform POTUS of he is heading to Vietnam, but to do so only after the plane has left Chinese airspace. Valkyrie suspects that there is something wrong so he tells the pilot to turn around and land again, but it is too late. Chandler sees the plane being blown out of the sky in front of him.

In spite of my disappointment with some aspects of the new show, I still can’t wait for Season 3 to begin officially.

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