Fear The Walking Dead Midseason Finale

This is my take on the Fear The Walking Dead Midseason Finale.

It seems our group of survivors won’t be waiting out the zombie apocalypse at Celia’s after all. By the end of the midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead, the entire compound was destroyed and walkers were starting to make their way in.

The inferno was Daniel’s handiwork (more about that later). At the end of the midseason, we have Madison, Alicia, Strand and Ophelia driving away, their best hope for a refuge from the chaos literally in flames. They’re not all leaving together either.

Nick Goes It Alone

Nick, Chris and Travis are all still alive as the episode comes to a close, but Nick has decided to go it alone after his realization that his fearlessness makes him very different from his family and almost everyone else in this new world.

Nick may have rejected his family at the end of the episode, but only after making a great effort to convince Celia to allow them to stay in the compound. After Thomas’ death, Celia wanted to expel the whole group (especially Strand), but Nick donned zombie blood and left the safety of the compound to find Luis, now a walker, and return him to Celia.

Celia Is Bat Sh*t Crazy

A clearly grateful Celia allowed Nick’s family to stay after receiving this gift, but told him that he would be responsible for their behavior. She also told Nick that she and him were alike in that they don’t fear the zombies, saying, “This is not apocalypse; this is our beginning,” adding that it was “The end of death itself.”

It’s not hard to see why this kind of message appealed to a recovering addict like Nick, who later told Madison, “Nothing will touch me. I move among them, mom. Invisible … I will not die.” Fans of The Walking Dead could be forgiven for thinking that this is exactly the kind of thing a character might say before being devoured by a herd of walkers, but Nick survives, at least for now.

Celia’s Gone Now

Celia’s now gone too, after misjudging Madison. She was attempting to explain why she doesn’t fear the walkers, inviting her into the wine cellar. Rather than following Celia in, Madison quickly walks out and locks Celia in with the undead. Celia took it better than expected, maybe in part due to her different views about what the zombie outbreak means, but it couldn’t have been pleasant in any case.

We didn’t see it happen, but it appears that Daniel is also no longer with us. After spending the whole episode contending with his history as a child soldier and haunted by his countless victims, he loses it and burns the entire compound, along with the ghosts he’s been carrying around. The fire quickly consumed the entire place, so it’s likely that this was the end of Daniel. Of course, we didn’t see him die either, so who knows what the future holds.

Daniel Was One Of The Show’s Best Characters

Daniel wasn’t the only one losing it in this episode; Chris took off after being rejected by Madison and Alicia (with good cause). Travis manages to find him, but Chris tells him that he’s no good. In a decidedly un-Carol like move, Travis makes the decision to stay with Chris and try to help him. As he tells Nick when he finds the two of them, “He needs his father. I owe him that, don’t I?” He asks Nick to tell Madison that he couldn’t find them, saying that he and Chris can’t return to the group, at least not now.

It Was Certainly Different

It’s probably not the kind of ending that fans expected in the midseason finale, but that’s probably a sign of strength. The Walking Dead midseason finales are tending towards predictability at this point, but Fear The Walking Dead has succeeded at keeping viewers off balance.

It looks like we’ll be able to see some more character development in the second half of the season as well as what appears to be a genuine friendship beginning between Strand and Madison. Whatever happens next, it should be compelling television and maybe the plot might be best served by Strand, Madison, Alicia and Ofelia taking to the road and moving full speed ahead.

Here’s a video that goes into what we could see in the second half of Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead.

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