The Apple iPad2: Features

Apple made a big splash when it released the iPad not very long ago and now it offers the iPad2 which has additional features and upgrades. The Apple iPad has managed to capture most of the attention in the competitive market of tablet computers. Let’s look and see if there really are any real differences between the original iPad and the iPad2.

iPads are not only useful for viewing web pages and communicating with people, they also have a feature that makes it easy to print. Every iPad is equipped with Wi-Fi capability and whenever you are near a wireless network you can print things out with just a couple of taps. Wireless printing can be done without downloading any apps, drivers or software. This is useful for plenty of things especially since these days everything is downloadable from concert tickets to flight boarding passes. Or if you’re writing a document for work or school, you can print it at the last minute if necessary, giving you more time to do editing.

The backlit LED display is one of the most impressive features of the iPad. Even though you may be able to access the web and perform many other tasks on your smart phone, the high resolution display on the iPad is 9.7 inches, giving you images that are bright and vivid. If you find yourself in an area without much light, the display will still be easy to view because of its backlighting. The display also adjusts automatically to however you’re holding it, so it can be viewed at any angle. When you’re watching videos, looking at photos or

If you have been on the fence about buying an Apple iPad 2, it’s a good idea to think about it as a luxury toy and not like a necessity. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing an item because you like it or think it is cool; just don’t expect it to replace your regular computer because it wasn’t made for that. Even smartphones have most of the features that an iPad does, so you don’t really buy an iPad for its unique capabilities.

All the same, the high resolution screen offered by the iPad makes watching videos, movies and browsing the web a lot more fun than it typically is via the small screen of a phone. In kind of the same area, it’s a lot more fun to play around with and use the Multi-Touch on your iPad than it is to use the regular touchpad on your laptop or other computers. Hours of entertainment including listening to MP3s, watching videos, reading digital books or chatting with friends can be provided with the Apple iPad 2 device.

With no flash support and no SD card slot, it does have some limitations. If you need to do some serious work, but want a portable device, you would probably be better off with a laptop or notebook computer, but the Apple iPad 2 can offer a lot as a backup device.

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