Where Did Star Trek 3 Go?

The news about Star Wars: Episode VII has been sucking all the oxygen out of the room for about a year now. It’s gotten so much attention, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that we haven’t been hearing a lot about Star Trek 3. So far, we know that Roberto Orci, who has written for the franchise before, will be directing. That’s actually about all we know so far. We haven’t even heard about a projected release date, which is a real rarity for a major film franchise.

Really, all we have to go on for the moment is hope and speculation and of course, the fans are hoping that Star Trek 3 gets the franchise back on track after Into Darkness. We don’t know if Orci or anyone else involved in the film is paying attention to what the fans are saying at this point, but just in case, here’s a list of things we’d like to see in the next Star Trek film.

Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

It used to be that Star Trek TV series and films were centered on the idea of discovery and exploration of the universe. Think about it: Deep Space Nine may not have been going anywhere, but the crew were constantly coming into contact with the new and unexpected. There will always be a place for action in the Star Trek universe, but at its core, the franchise is really about exploration, education and fostering communication which advances both the human race and the other spacefaring species that the Federation contacts.

We Don’t Need To Start On Earth

Ideally, we’d like Earth to be entirely out of the picture in Star Trek 3. We know Earth, we love it – but it’s not the planet we watch Star Trek to see. It’s a big universe out there and if the movie doesn’t stick to the promise that the Enterprise was starting its five year mission to explore uncharged space, a lot of us are going to be disappointed. We really don’t need to see Earth this time around, thanks. Fans know that there are plenty of talented writers at work on the new film and there’s absolutely no reason that they can’t find some new and exciting places for Kirk and the crew to visit.

No Next Generation, Please

We love Star Trek: The Next Generation, but that doesn’t mean that we need to see the Borg, meet Data or have a young cadet named Picard hanging around in Star Trek 3. As good of an idea as it might seem, it’s really unnecessary. There are so many other stories that could be told that it doesn’t make sense to retread what’s come before (although we’d be happy to see a TNG movie at some point in the future). This latest Star Trek film series is a reboot, which means that it needs to do something new if it wants to keep old fans and win over new ones.

Give McCoy A Bigger Role

The first two movies in the rebooted franchise have given us plenty of Kirk and Spock, but as much as we enjoy the interplay between Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s Mr. Spock, we’ve missed the dynamics of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy troika. Karl Urban is great as McCoy and he brings a lot of comic relief to the films, but his absence is definitely noted during the most dramatic scenes. Many fans find the interplay between Kirk, Spock and McCoy one of the most fascinating and endearing things about the original crew of the Enterprise and we’d love to see all three characters together in more scenes in the next movie.

Optimism, Please!

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a dark film, simple as that. Lies, conspiracies, betrayal, you name it. These kinds of stories have a place in science fiction and maybe even in Star Trek, but we’d really like to see some of the optimism which has always been at the core of the franchise and has made it so special to so many fans. There’s no shortage of future dystopias in sci-fi and we’re not saying that things shouldn’t get dangerous or dark. Let the story be told and go where it needs to go – but at the heart of Star Trek is the idea that humanity (or whoever) finds their best qualities in trying times and overcome adversity to create a better universe for everyone. This is and should be Star Trek’s guiding principle in this film and beyond.

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