Lakeshore Records Announces Release Of Journey Into Space Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Journey Into Space Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

Although it’s been available in digital format since March, the announcement of the upcoming CD release of Journey to Space – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is nonetheless exciting news for fans who’d like to get their hands on a physical copy of composer Cody Westheimer’s score for the film.

Westheimer says that the IMAX format and epic scale of Journey to Space inspired him to think big with the score, adding, “The giant screen format affords incredible musical opportunity and I was thrilled to live out my boyhood dream of becoming an astronaut by scoring this film. I think most people can relate to the awe and wonder of space and space exploration – it was exciting to help convey this musically.

Westheimer’s enthusiasm for the project was apparent from the word go, with Mark Krenzien, who wrote and directed the film noting that the composer arrived to conduct the orchestra wearing a NASA t-shirt. Krenzien has high praise for Westheimer’s work, saying that despite the challenges inherent in producing a score which could match up with the vision of the film, “what was finally achieved from a score sparked by the human drive to explore space–is an accomplished and coherent work of music that simply inspires the imagination.”

Journey Into Space SoundtrackSanta Barbara native Cody Westheimer has had a relatively short, but remarkable career, with his first orchestral composition being performed by the Santa Barbara Sympony in 1997. He also received a commission from the Symphony to compose music based on John Lithgow’s book The Remarkable Farkle McBride, which has been performed twice by the Santa Barbara Symphony. However, Westheimer is perhaps best known for his scores composed for documentary films including The Mono Lake Story, Oceans Adventures, True Wolf, It’s a Wildlife and How I Became an Elephant, which won a best in class award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in 2013. His work has also been honored at the Park City Film Music Festival, where the composer won a Double Gold for his score for the animated short Smile and by the Game Audio Network Guild, who nominated his work on Sega’s The Golden Compass Game for Track of the Year.

Cody Westheimer graduated magna cum laude from the music composition program at USC’s Thornton School of Music. He is married to composer Julia Newmann, with whom he owns and operates New West Studios, Inc. in Los Angeles. Over his career, Westheimer has scored more than 40 films, along with several video games and countless television programs, including themes for the National Dog Show, the Tour de France, Major League Soccer and Sports Dash. If you’ve ever watched Meet the Press, you’ve heard his work alongside that of John Williams – some of his music was also featured in television broadcasts of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Although many people have predicted that NASA is moribund following the end of the Space Shuttle program, Journey to Space aims to show viewers that in fact NASA’s best years are still to come. The film highlights the many current projects the agency is working on as well as the hurdles that NASA and other space agencies worldwide will have to face to accomplish goals including manned missions to Mars and capturing passing asteroids, among other ambitious plans for future exploration of space.

“One of my earliest and vivid childhood memories was as a first grader watching the Challenger liftoff and explode. Of course this is covered in the film as this film really is a tribute to our nations’ space program – past, present and future. This was an incredibly emotional scene for me to score. In the end I really held back as it needed very, very little,” said Westheimer. “Conversely, when we land on Mars towards the end of the movie it’s as epic as I can go!”

Journey to Space is a production of Giant Screen Films and K2 Films and is now showing on selected IMAX 3D screens nationwide. The soundtrack is currently available in digital format from Lakeshore Records, with a CD release on May 5, 2015.

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