Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation and Game of Thrones

(November 17, 2014– Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande Records is proud to announce two album releases in conjunction with Record Store Day Black Friday on November 28: Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation and GAME OF THRONES: Season One double album, composed by Ramin Djawadi.  Both albums will be released on 180-gram vinyl.
This release of Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation is the first time it has appeared on vinyl since its original U.S. release in 1974. It is the debut album from the beloved group, featuring the original core Genesis line-up of Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, and Peter Gabriel.  The Varèse Sarabande release has been painstakingly put together to recreate the original vinyl experience.
GAME OF THRONES is one of the classic television shows of our time, with one of the most famous and already iconic main title themes.  This double-vinyl album features the original Game of Thrones theme along with all the music for the first season that launched the epic saga of the Starks and the Lannisters.  Now, for the first time, the multi-media sensation GAME OF THRONES is being released on vinyl.
Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation
Side One:
1 Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
2 In the Beginning
3 Fireside Song
4 The Serpent
5 Am I Very Wrong?
6 In the Wilderness
Side Two:
1 The Conqueror
2 In Hiding
3 One Day
4 Window
5 In Limbo
6 The Silent Sun
7 A Place to Call My Own
Side I (18:21)
1. Main Title (1:46)
2. North Of The Wall (3:48)
3. Goodbye Brother (3:07)
4. The Kingsroad (2:06)
5. The King’s Arrival (3:34)
6. Love In The Eyes (4:00)
Side II (16:24)
1. A Raven From King’s Landing (1:16)
2. The Wall (1:59)
3. Things I Do For Love (1:52)
4. A Golden Crown (1:38)
5. Winter Is Coming (2:42)
6. I Lost My First Boy (2:02)
7. Await The King’s Justice (2:00)
8. You’ll Be Queen One Day (1:36)
9. The Assassin’s Dagger (1:19)
Side III (16:47)
1. To Vaes Dothrak (1:29)
2. Jon’s Honor (2:35)
3. Black Of Hair (1:40)
4. You Win Or You Die (1:57)
5. Small Pack Of Wolves (1:57)
6. Game Of Thrones (1:18)
7. We Will Kill Them All (2:35)
8. The Pointy End (3:16)
Side IV (16:14)
1. Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors (1:35)
2. When The Sun Rises In The West (2:40)
3. King Of The North (1:28)
4. The Night’s Watch (1:44)
5. Fire And Blood (4:30)
6. Finale (2:31)
7. Main Title — Season II [Bonus Track] (1:46)
Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation (limited edition 3500 copies) and GAME OF THRONES: Season One (limited edition 5000 copies) from Varèse Sarabande Records will be available wherever record albums are sold on November 28, 2014.
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