Debug Soundtrack Released

The Debug Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available from Lakeshore Records in digital format as well as on CD. Featuring original music by composer Timothy Williams, known for his work on Red Sky and Walking With the Enemy, the soundtrack to Debug is one which takes some experimental turns along the way.

“Debug is a sci-fi horror set on a prison ship in space,” said Williams. “I knew that the score was going to be primarily electronic, but I loved the idea of using an orchestra for its organic quality, and then mutilating the pristine recordings, through reversing, pitch shifting, filtering, unusual delays and falling reverbs. David Hewlett [director] and I have been friends since we were about 5 years old! So when I suggested ‘reversed orchestra’ for some of the score with electronics and ‘processed brass’, he didn’t do what some directors might do, which is fire me on the spot!”

Hewlett, who wrote and directed the film has joked that he aspires to someday make a film which is as good as Williams’ soundtrack for Debug. In an interview, the director also expressed great admiration for Williams’ talent and ability to translate his vision to music, adding that one of the greatest things about Timothy Williams is his understanding that the soundtrack needs to serve the scene.

Debug Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

English born and Canadian-raised Timothy Williams has won many awards for his composition and orchestration for film, theater, television and video games. He’s an accomplished pianist and studies music at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and the Victoria Conservatory of Music before returning to England to study at the National Film and Television School and working as an in-house orchestrator for the BBC. In the 1990s, he moved back to Canada, where he wrote and staged the musical Napoleon at Toronto’s Elgin Theater – it has since been performed in London’s West End as well.

Williams’ talent led him to Los Angeles and work in the film and television industries, including music for the films Lutefisk Wars, History of Future Folk, The Mulberry Tree and The Butterfly Circus. Williams has also composed for the Tom Hanks-produced Beyond All Boundaries, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Watchmen, Sucker Punch, 300, Doomsday and Black Freighter, among others. In his career he has orchestrated for more than 60 films, 40 episodes of television and 8 games, working with composers including Stephen Schwartz, Trent Reznor, Alan Menken, Bruce Broughton, Tyler Bates and John Kavanagh. His recent soundtrack work includes Red Sky and Walking With the Enemy, both of which are also available from Lakeshore Records.
Debug is a film about six hackers on a rundown spaceship who find themselves locked in a life or death battle of wills with malevolent AI. The film was released in Canada in 2014 and will be released in the US later this year by Copperheart Entertainment, although sci-fi fans don’t have to wait until Debug hits theaters to take a listen to the soundtrack!

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