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Cid in this Final Fantasy XV trailer

    Final Fantasy XV XV looks absolutely beautiful. It’s apparent in the trailer we have for you below that this installment is a very big next step for the franchise. First of all, the roadtrip mechanic unleashes a much larger world for players looking for that open-world experience that Final Fantasy XIII was missing for the most part. This trailer is also a good chance to see some of the combat, which flows in the real-time and involves a lot of really cool blades. The characters face off against enemy soldiers and wild beasts, and that all looks great, too. But most importantly, we meet the new Cid, who isn’t actually a Cid at all, but a CIDNEY. Now that’s a play on the character that we haven’t seen before. Over the years, Cid has appeared in every installment in the series since Final Fantasy II. He’s played many different roles, whether a member of your party or a pilot or a mechanic. Cid’s always there! Via: New Final Fantasy 15 Trailer Introduces Cidney  

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief collection

Halo: The Master Chief collection

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

On September 2nd, Sparks & Shadows released the original motion picture soundtrack to Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. The soundtrack to the film based on the web series Angry Video Game Nerd was composed by Emmy Award winner Bear McCreary. Along with composing original music for the film, Bear McCreary also provided remizes of “The Angry Video Game Nerd Theme” and “Sacred Ground of the Golden Turd.” The songs “Barcade” and “Nerds Before Birds” were contributed by Brendan McCreary’s band Young Beautiful In a Hurry. Brendan is Bear’s brother and the two collaborate regularly on the music for the TV series Defiance. McCreary thoroughly enjoyed working on the score for Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, calling it “without doubt the most fun score I’ve ever produced,” said McCreary. The composer added that it was especially great to be able to use the Angry Video Game Nerd Theme and to work with Kyle Justin, its composer. The hit web series Angry Video Game Nerd comes to the big screen with Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. James Rolfe (better known as The Nerd) became an internet star with his rage-filled, profane video game and pop culture reviews. It was Rolfe’s own efforts which brought the film into being as well; he launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project. The plot of the film is based on Atari’s infamous burial of millions of unsold E.T. cartridges in the New Mexico desert in 1982. Atari rushed to get a game based on the hit film on store shelves before Christmas – and it was a total flop. Atari disposed of the games in a landfill in Alamogordo, NM. In the film, The Nerd takes it upon himself to find this lost video game and give his fans the review they’ve been waiting for. Obviously, hilarity ensues. Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is the second time that Rolfe and McCreary have worked together. Bear McCreary composed and arranged music for How the Nerd Stole Christmas, the 2010 Christmas episode of Angry Video Game Nerd. Watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMINBv_Dqvs. The score for the film usedssamples from SEGA Genesis, NES and Super Nintendo along with a full orchestra and rock rhythm section. “For this score, I got to live out all my musical fantasies, combining influences from my favorite video games and film composers that inspired me when I was a kid,” said McCreary. Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is currently available on Video On Demand. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available from Sparks & Shadows in digital format. Other Sparks & Shadows releases featuring McCreary include his soundtracks for the TV series Black Sails, both of McCreary’s soundtracks for Da Vinci’s Demons (including its Emmy Award winning theme) and Defiance, along with the composer’s soundtracks for the films Knights of Badassdom and Europa Report.

Michael J. Mollo Composes Score for Double Helix/Capcom Strider Game Reboot

Anyone who grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s has fond memories of the classic 8-bit NES console; and many of those spent countless hours playing Strider. If you’re one of them and would like to revisit this Capcom classic, there’s no need to download an emulator or scour eBay for a used console anymore – Double Helix has released a reboot of the game (available as a digital download for Playstation, Xbox and PC platforms). The gameplay itself is of course thoroughly engaging, as one would expect from this famed fast paced side scroller, one of the things players may find themselves especially struck by is the quality of the music. The original music for the released Strider was composed by Pennsylvania native Michael John Mollo. Raised in a musical family in Bloomsburg, Mollo developed his craft by studying Paul Simon, Beatles and Grateful Dead records as a youth and then studying classical and jazz, earning a Masters of Music from the University of Concinnati’s College Conservatory of Music as well as advanced certification in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California. Mollo moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to begin a career as a songwriter and composer for television and film, working for a time at Remote Control Productions alongside Hans Zimmer. Since then, he has worked with John Powell and composed music for films including How to Train Your Dragon, The Lorax and Rio, as well as the documentary We The Parents. When approaching the task of composing music for the new Strider, Mollo took inspiration from the original, taking the intensity and feel of the original score and giving it an update. However, Mollo also wisely chose to make use of some of the distinctive now-vintage synth sounds from the 1980s game. Players who are familiar with the original will recognize some of the music in the rebooted Strider, including the Raid, Mass Cloud, Egypt, Siberian Tunnel, Armed Fortress, Coup and Kazakh themes, albeit with 21st century arrangements. However, a good deal of the music in Strider was also composed for the game by Mollo. Aside from Strider and his film and television composition work, Michael J. Mollo is renowned for his synth programming talent work. His recent projects include work on the scores for Star Trek Into Darkness (with the Academy Award winning composer Michael Giacchino) and Escape From Planet Earth (with Aaron Zigman). Mollo is the CEO of Q6 Studios Inc.; a composer’s collective he started along with fellow USC students.

Star Trek Online – New Free to Play

The official launch date for Star Trek Online to become Free-to-Play (F2P), and that date is Tuesday January 17, 2012. There will be a starting the Gold member stipend benefit on December 1st. This benefit grants 400 free Cryptic Points each month to each subscriber to STO. The Gold member stipend will be started early as a way to thank our loyal customers during this transition period prior to the launch of Free-to-Play. [Read full story here . . .]

Gamers who pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a chance to play the MMOG for up to 5 days prior to the official launch next month.

On Monday BioWare explained how Early Game Access for Star Wars: The Old Republic will work. As reported earlier, EA and the developer said that the Jedi-themed MMOG would initially have a limited release so that the servers wouldn’t be bogged down by a huge wave of heavy traffic. But as an incentive for pre-purchasing the upcoming game, EA promised consumers a chance to experience the Star Wars saga before the gates officially open to the public on December 20. “Many of you have been wondering how long Early Game Access will last, and we are now happy to announce that depending on when you redeem your Pre-Order Code, you will gain Early Game Access up to five days before the official game launch date,” BioWare said Monday. “Early Game Access is staggered over five days to ensure a quality experience for players at launch,” the studio added. “Staggering access aids server stability and a gradual increase in player population through the game. Early Game Access will be granted according to when your Pre-Order Code is redeemed at the Code Redemption Center.” BioWare points out that there’s still time to pre-order the game by heading to the company’s Pre-Order page. Consumers can also watch the Collector’s Edition Unboxing video for “a peek inside this highly coveted edition of the game.” Source: Tom’s Hardware

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