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Review: Dexter: A Horse of a Different Color

by Billie Doux Billie Doux runs one of the best review sites on the Internet, and he does it for the love of review. His reviews are insightful, entertaining and he allows other sites to reprint his material. SF Buzz has been following his reviews and share them with you. While you read the review below, make a note to visit his main site where he reviews so many movies and television shows that it’s too long to list here. Dexter: “I guess there are some things even daddies can’t fix.” Again with a specific religious theme. This time, surrender to something greater than yourself. We don’t often see Dexter get emotional, but he lost it several times. The Four Horsemen tableau actually shocked Dexter into swearing out loud. He was noticeably upset when Harrison went into surgery, and hugged the doctor when it was over. And they continued to bludgeon us with the faith theme when Dexter prayed for the first time, and got an answer in the form of a miraculous coffee machine. Dexter now owes God a debt. Maybe. It turns out that Brother Sam experienced childhood trauma somewhat similar to Dexter’s. Gold acting stars for Mos Def, because Brother Sam’s quite literal moment of clarity in the chapel could have sounded stupid or cliched, but it didn’t. Sam is so much more than a caricature, and I’m becoming seriously fond of him. So many characters on this show wind up dead or evil, and usually both. Not Sam, please. Dexter needs a friend. Sam is an interesting friend for Dexter to have. What would Brother Sam do if he knew whom he was befriending? Then again, he’s so inner directed that he might not even blink. Deb is making her own unique mark on the lieutenant job, despite Maria’s latest attempt to sabotage her. (Loved the big, chunky, symbolic Maria necklace/choke collar.) And I am really liking Mike Anderson. He’s a smart cop, he’s not easy to intimidate, and he made Quinn look like a doofus. Mike gave Deb some good advice, too, and she won’t forget it. (Although I hope she doesn’t take his advice about the profanity. Deb wouldn’t be Deb without her wonderful potty mouth.) For a moment, Mike’s familiarity with the book of Revelation made me wonder if maybe he was one of Gellar’s acolytes infiltrating Miami Metro, but that would be too convoluted, even for Dexter. Besides, he’s from Chicago. James Gellar, former professor of the University of Tallahassee, Revelation expert and pervy peeping tom, has now been dubbed the Doomsday Killer. I knew that poor girl was toast, but what a horrible way to die. Gellar is supposed to be focused on Revelation and the Apocalypse, but he seems to be more interested in controlling Travis. In fact, Gellar isn’t surrendering to God at all. Instead, he’s taking on God’s power of life and death for himself. It looks like Dexter has chosen Travis as his next victim, and I don’t get the… 0

The Psychology of Fantasy

By Saberi Roy On the role of the conscious mind in fantasy and studying the uses, functions and stages of fantasy Fantasy is an essential part of our thinking. It is imagination in its extremes and shows how far our minds can stretch beyond the normal and the natural. All creativity has an element of fantasy as when an artist paints a nude figure or a poet dreams of a perfect world, even reality itself seems to take on some sort of fantastic or slightly exaggerated form. Although the presence of fantasy in all creative composition could be a controversial claim and researchers would say that fantasy is a distinct mental process which is revealed only in films, stories, art work that essentially contains supernatural phenomena. All stories or art forms having magic, supernatural elements or scientifically and realistically implausible scenarios could be considered in the genre of fantasy. Yet as we know even in science certain theories as Multiple Worlds theory in quantum physics or theories about extinction of dinosaurs in Biology and biblical theory of Creationism are all based on imagination and elements of fantasy although multiple worlds theory and extinction theory are both strongly supported by facts or equations as well. Fantasy is almost an essential ingredient in speculative science and with increased human quest for knowledge science is now more about speculation than about reality driven results and interpretation. Fantasy plays a role in science, in religion, mythology, arts and literature, in films and in almost every aspect of our life. In fact in love relationships fantasy forms an essential part of the imagination and trigger emotions. When you incessantly think about a lover in a specific way, you are engaging in fantasy and this sort of fantasy gives mental pleasure and a certain impetus to make the fantasy a reality so fantasy is a precondition to motivation. When you as a student fantasize about a life of success and wealth or fame, you are again fantasizing about your future and this is important in your future road to success. Thus fantasy is absolutely necessary as in imagination and in extensive fantasy we not only release our unconscious needs and desires but can actively channel them in a way that would help us in the ultimate wish fulfillment. Fantasy lays the road for our future wishes and what we want to do and where we want to go. Without a certain degree of imagination and extensive fantasy we will never be able to attain anything in life. Fantasy is thus necessary as it provides mental impetus to think beyond the normal, the real and the immediate and helps us to shape our future. Fantasy could however slowly become an obsession as for example if you incessantly fantasize about someone or something that could become easily unhealthy and obsessive. Since fantasy itself is an exaggerated mental process, fantasy in only small and healthy doses with a realistic goal would be a positive phenomenon. Any study in fantasy… 0

The Top 10 Best Fantasy Books

#1: A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) This brilliant fantasy series starts with A Game of Thrones. What can I say about this series other then read it! It’s well-regarded as one of the best fantasy series. This is a novel that leaves most other fantasy books in the dust. It’s the best of the best, the crème de le crème. Its gritty, brutal, not for the faint of heart and just so damn addicting. Martin has created something special with this book. The vast scope of his plots span continents and like an onion, each plot hides beneath it the other. The author does new things with the fantasy genre: no character is safe from the author’s noose; at any moment main characters can die. This seemingly ties various plots into twisted tangles, but martin is the master trickster and purposefully weaves the story arcs into something even stronger. It’s almost impossible to predict the plot lines. What’s also interesting is the author takes dastardly characters and slowly remakes them, over the course of the series, into incredibly interesting – even likable — personalities. If you are new the genre and are looking for the best of the best, read Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (starts with A Game of Thrones) for a delightful ride into the fantastic world of fantasy. This is a novel that shows how good fantasy books can be! #2: The Malazan Book of the Fallen (Steven Erikson) Fantasy these days has been pretty stagnant, at least in the epic fantasy genre, since Tolkien. Fortunately, Erickson remakes the genre into something radically different, something unique and compelling. Erickson’s work is vast in scope, tying dozens of plot lines into a cohesive whole. No other author can write battle scenes like this man. When he writes battle, you see it. If you want some fantasy where the action is so sharp you can feel the blade cut skin, battles so loud you can hear the crash of spear on shield, then pick up this astounding series. This book is genre redefining and hands down one of the best fantasy books you can read.       #3: The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss) A stunning debut, The Name of the Wind has one of the most compelling stories you’ll ever read. Every one I’ve recommended this book to raves about it. And, I’m willing to bet, you will too. Rothfuss takes some standard fantasy conventions reformulates them in to a superbly addicting blend. Great writing, a very compelling plot, fantastic characterization, and well-drawn world make this book one of my top fantasy book recommendations. This is a fantasy book for women, men, and children alike. All I can say is: read this fantasy novel! #4: Tigana (Guy Gaveriel Kay) Kay is the best character writer in the fantasy genre. He writes fantasy books that are not so much about the “fantasy” aspect as they are about character. And what character’s he… 0

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