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The crew is made up of a motley bunch of semi-humanoid types who got together and decided to put up a website focused on all the fun aspects of science fiction, fantasy and Luddite IT services, bringing the best of technology that the Amish have to offer.

With that said, we are constantly out there tripping the Rift, practicing Tai Chi, flying at warp speed and generally blasting bad aliens out of the cosmos. (that’s Gunmetal’s job)

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Our mission is to raise the awareness about cancer and specifically breast cancer in the science fiction community and to act as a resource for folks seeking more information. We have breast cancer information available at: Free Breast Cancer Information. In addition, we want to make Science Fiction Buzz, an effective distraction for all people facing or going through a high-stress period in their lives. Think of us as an education resource and a safe harbor in the storms of life. Stop by and sit in our virtual hot tub and read a good science fiction novel. Kick back and take your mind off of things.And, if you need information about breast cancer, we can help you there, too.


Introducing the Newest Member of our Staff: Sandra Oertell

Sandra Oertell is a retired healthcare and residential interior designer who has a friend named Judith Allison. She loves science fiction, and after a few “Uh, I know nothing about SF”, she agreed to jump on board to do book announcements.

Born in Chicago, Sandra has lived all over the country and now permanently resides in Las Vegas.  She hasn’t been abducted by aliens recently, but she did attend Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL and Iowa State University in Ames. 

An avid reader and writer, her previous genres included poetry, some fantasy and amusing anecdotes from her own past. She has been compared to Erma Bombeck  because of her natural way  of always finding humor in even the worst of situations, and because of that, she brings life and laughter to the SF Buzz team.

While she thinks we’re all mildly crazy, she also feels we’re fairly harmless. Harboring a secret obsession with redecorating the Tardis, she smiled whimsically at the small dragon flying over her monitor. That’s what she said during the interview.

Nope, she’s not crazy like us – not one bit. After this confession, she decided that she would love to learn more about the science fiction and fantasy (even though she reads fantasy) genre before elves wearing blue windbreakers with FEMA stenciled on the back took over her livingroom.

Continuing to look for new ways to express herself, she has ventured  into freelance; writing short stories, reviews, content, and blogging – and now boldly going where no Las Vegan has gone before – producing reviews that are out of this world.

You can check out her “cures” for dealing with the problems of today at economicdecorating.com  and homedecoratingideasonabudget.com, and she’s a welcome, fresh addition to the SF Buzz staff.


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